If You Are Selling Scrap Metal, We Want to Buy It


At Valley Metal Services, we pay top dollar for scrap metal because we have buyers all over the country who are looking for what you are selling. Our brokers give scrap metal suppliers an option to sell outside your local market. By growing the size of your market, our buyers make sure you sell your ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal at the best price. And because we make payments through wire and ACH transfers, you’ll get your money fast!


Contact a Broker to Sell Your Scrap Metal


Scrap Metals We Buy

The ferrous or non-ferrous scrap metal our suppliers have to sell may come from crushed cars, structural steel from demolished buildings, construction jobs, manufacturing plants, ships and boats, airplanes, farm equipment, car tires, sheet iron, copper wire or pipes, aluminum siding or cans, electric motors, and a variety of other sources. We even buy difficult to move scrap metal items such as chain link fence, steel punchings counterweights, manganese steel.


The list of ferrous scrap metals we buy includes:

The list of non-ferrous metals we buy includes:

We Handle Transport

We will handle the shipping of the non-ferrous scrap metal you have to sell. We arrange all the logistics, pay for the trucks, and any problems that arise in transit. When you sell your scrap with Valley Metal Services, you won’t have to worry about transportation issues. Valley Metals will take that burden away from you.

Who We Buy From

railroadscrapIf you have scrap metal to sell, give us a call. We buy from suppliers who are selling scrap metal of all grades including:

  • Marine (boat) salvage yards
  • Scrap metal recylcing yards
  • Auto and truck processors and recyclers
  • C & D Recyclers
  • Car crushers
  • Tire recyclers
  • Demolition Companies
  • Steel mills & Foundries
  • Aircraft salvage
  • Municipalities (including landfills and incinerators)
  • Railroad scrap suppliers

Looking to Sell Your Scrap? Call Valley Metal Services Today

If you are looking to sell your scrap metal, give a broker at Valley Metal Services a call. We are scrap metal buyers with a well-earned reputation for honesty and friendliness. Our experienced buyers work hard to make the selling process easy for our scrap suppliers. Commissions are reasonable and service is excellent. Our goal is to partner with you so you can sell your scrap metal as easily and as profitably as possible.


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