BRIAN SHELTONBrian was born in Miami and grew up in Northern Minnesota in hockey and ski country.  He relocated to SouthWest FL in 1982 and decided to stay in the sunshine state.  His team management and negotiating experience in real estate and custom home building transfers easily to the scrap industry.  Brian lives a fast paced life.  On a weekend you can find Brian riding his motorcycle on the street or track, autocrossing his car, or enjoying the sun boating with family and friends. Contact Brian, CLICK HERE

Meet the Friendly Staff at Valley Metal Services

Bob MerkleBob Merkle

Bob has 47 years in the scrap metal recycling industry.  He has worked for a major stainless broker and processing company and, in recycling, spent time with a national and international ferrous broker/processors purchasing, organizing buying programs, training individuals and compiling market surveys.  He also has experience in yard management in the private sector.

Bob "retired" in late 2008 to the North Carolina mountains.  In January of 2009, Bob decided to pursue his passion again and create Valley Metal Services, LLC, a metal trading company, with his wife Rae who also has many years in the scrap industry.  With many contacts and friends in recycling, Bob began a successful trading company adding four additional independent reps covering the Southeastern United States.

"Retirement has really been fun and exciting doing what I love most. With a home office overlooking 3 beautiful mountain acres with domestic animals as well as a wildlife seen from my large picture window…what more could I need."

For fun, Bob enjoys the activities in the North Carolina mountains and rivers, beautiful mountain roads and the joys of a small town.  He also takes pleasure in spending time with his 5 Cavaliers and the barn "babies".

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Rae Merkle

Rae began life as a “city girl” in Cleveland, Ohio, moving to Florida 27 years later. After having spent 38 years in Florida she is now a “country girl,” living in a small town in North Carolina amongst the forests and mountains and loving it.

Her experience in the scrap industry is administrative, which included being Business Manager of a large scrap firm and Office Manager for yet another prestigious scrap company. Now she takes pride as a Managing Partner of Valley Metal Services, LLC with her husband, Bob.  As her daughter-in-law Nadya stated, they have the opportunity to work with their husbands and yes they both enjoy that!!!

Rae also has a passion for animals. Presently she has 5 dogs, 4 African pygmy goats and 2 miniature donkeys. She looks forward to what the future brings to their home. Rae is also an avid supporter of the Humane Society of theUnited States.  She states, “It is extremely important to me as they are a hand at attempting to stop the cruelty, neglect and all the horrors too many animals (of all types) must endure. They need our support.”

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Chad Van TilburgChad Van Tilburg

Chad was born just outside Brandon, Florida. His father Lee and mother Aurelia (Rae) delivered him in his dad's brand new Toyota on the way to the hospital in the parking lot of Roberts Meat Market. He jokes that he has always tried to stay ahead of the game.

Growing up in Cape Coral, Florida, Chad was immersed in the scrap industry by his parents. At that time, the scrap industry was not going to be a way of life. In 1994 Chad began what became a successful 10 year career with Circuit City, finally overseeing 30 stores in 7 states. In 2004, he left Circuit City to join his father in his property management business. Eventually, he and his sister, Michelle Collins, co-own SilverCrested Management. With 30 full time staff members they provided management services to 76 condominium and home owners associations. Early in 2015 Chad & Michelle sold SilverCrested Management.

In 2008, his interest in the scrap industry rekindled and he joined Valley Metal Services. Bob began training Chad on all aspects of the industry and in the fall of 2009 he made his first trade. Over the next few years he transitioned from full time property management to now full time scrap trading. In 2014 Chad became a partner in business with Bob and Rae.

While there would not appear to be spare time for relaxation, often enough you can find his wife, Nadya, and him boating in the Gulf of Mexico or riding their Harley. They have no children other than their 6 year old chocolate lab, Remington, and cats Alli, Charlie and Fergi.

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nadyaNadya Van Tilburg

Born an original Florida Cracker, Nadya did an eight-month stint with Chad in 2003, endduring through a New Hampshire winter.  Deciding snow was not for her, she high tailed it back to good old South West Florida to sunshine and warmth.

For the last nine years she has been in the property management field at Silver Crested Management, primarily a Condominium Association Management.  Previously she worked in several fields of construction, ranging from Electrical, HVAC and Trim Carpentry.

She was given the opportunity to work for Valley Metal Services in the fall of 2011 and enjoys working for a company that is truly a cut above the rest. Like most of the reps at Valley Metal Services, she is lucky to work side by side with her husband, Chad Van Tilburg and treasures the family atmosphere.  She spends time in both companies.

When not working, Nadya enjoys the company of friends and family.

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Valley Metal Services Staff MemberDarya Jennings

Darya Jennings is a Florida native, born and raised in Tampa, Florida.  In her first introduction to the world of business, Darya was employed by a local scrap recycling facility and quickly became immersed in the job.  To this day, her passion for this business stays strong.

Darya has experience in the day-to-day operations, management, sales, bookkeeping/accounting and business development. She understands the non-ferrous/ferrous aspect of recycling and uses that knowledge in buying and selling hundreds of thousands of pounds of scrap on a monthly basis, including importing and exporting.

Outside the business world, Darya loves to hunt, fish and spend time outdoors with her family. Her commitment to family has led her to embark on a new venture. She is now a community liaison for a nationally known flag football program that is assisting the special needs children in her area



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Glenn LyttonGlenn Lytton

Glenn joined Valley Metal Services in February 2013 - and has expressed his pleasure in becoming a part of their Metals Trading Team. 

His experience in the metals-recycling industry ranges from buying non-ferrous scrap in his home country of England, trading metal in NY and New England, purchasing ferrous parcels in Florida and now, for VMS, trading all forms of scrap metal with an emphasis on iron and steel.  

Glenn proudly became a US citizen in 2008 and is based in Sarasota, FL with his wife, Sandi, and their two Florida rescue dogs. Their daughter, son-in-law, and two sons all reside in NY.

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Brian Shelton - Valley Metal ServicesBrian Shelton

Brian was born in Miami and grew up in Northern Minnesota in hockey and ski country.  He relocated to SouthWest FL in 1982 and decided to stay in the sunshine state.  His team management and negotiating experience in real estate and custom home building transfers easily to the scrap industry.  Brian lives a fast paced life.  On a weekend you can find Brian riding his motorcycle on the street or track, autocrossing his car, or enjoying the sun boating with family and friends. 

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Kerrie Wooten

Kerrie was born and raised on Long Island, New York and moved to SW Florida in 2000. She now lives in Cape Coral with her husband of 10 years with their two daughters.

Kerrie joined the VMS Team in early 2015 and works in the office with Nadya. She was a GM for the past six years for a fitness club and is new to the Scrap Industry. Although she is new, Kerrie is jumping in head first and ready to learn to Scrap World.

Outside of work, Kerrie loves spending time with her family. You can always find them skating, on a beach or enjoying the outdoors. 

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Tomas Berrios was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He has lived in Florida since 1992 and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from FMU. In 2008, he ventured into the metal recycling business working in the Florida and Georgia region and enjoys it very much. Prior to metal recycling, he worked in the food industry. As a self-described workaholic, his passion is about providing the best possible experience to all his customers. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family, serving at his local church and of course, enjoying the beautiful Florida beaches. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

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Adam pankow

Adam was born in Sandusky, Ohio but left the cold lifestyle at an early age of 6 months. Adams family relocated to sunny Southwest Florida and never looked back.

Adam Joined VMS in 2016 and although new to the Scrap Industry, he is not afraid to get in and learn as much as he can. Adam has worked with Chad previously in the Condominium Management Business and is accustom to his strong work ethics, including strong customer service.
In his off-time Adam enjoys his family, he has three children his oldest daughter is a Corpsman in the U.S. NAVY along with a son and daughter in middle school. When possible, the family enjoys camping with their two dogs Sadie and Chloe along with friends

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