We Buy and Sell All Grades of Scrap Cast Iron

cast ironAt Valley Metal Services, we buy, sell, and trade cast iron scrap. Cast iron, like all scrap that contains iron, is classified as a ferrous metal. Cast iron is a durable iron alloy that is used to manufacture auto parts, railroad parts, construction materials, outdoor furniture, stoves, plumbing and pipes, columns, agricultural equipment, and municipal applications.

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Buy Cast Iron Scrap

We supply cast iron scrap to foundries, steel mills, and other industries that recycle cast iron scrap into new products. We work with our suppliers to ensure that the grade of scrap cast iron you buy is processed to meet your specifications. If you are looking to buy a particular grade of cast iron or need to know today’s prices please contact us.

Sell Cast Iron Scrap

If you have scrap cast iron to sell, give Valley Metal Services a call. We work with all sellers of cast iron scrap including: auto recyclers and car parts yards, construction demolition companies, municipalities, scrap yards and landfills, and more. We also handle logistics and transportation of the scrap cast iron you have to sell. If you have any questions about cast iron recycling, or current prices of cast iron, call one of our friendly scrap metal brokers today.

Grades of Scrap Cast Iron

We buy and sell many grades of scrap cast iron. Grades of iron scrap include:

  • Cupola cast
  • Charging box cast
  • Heavy breakable cast iron
  • Hammer block or bases
  • Burnt iron
  • Mixed cast
  • Stove plate, clean cast iron stove
  • Clean auto cast
  • Unstripped motor blocks
  • Drop broken machinery cast
  • Clean auto cast, broken, not degreased
  • Clean auto cast, degreased
  • Malleable cast iron
  • Broken ingot molds and stools
  • Unbroken ingot molds and stools

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