let us handle the detailsValley Metal Services is Where to Buy Scrap Metal

Valley Metal Services is a trusted scrap metal broker and supplier. We sell both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal to domestic steel mills, foundries, smelters, refiners, and export container markets. No matter what type of buyer we are supplying to, we pride ourselves on being a trusted and reliable source for metal scrap of all grades.

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Scrap Metals We Supply

If you are looking for a supply of a specific type of scrap metal product, whether it is shredder feed, shredder logs, aluminum, copper, brass, cast iron, ductile steel, or harder to locate scrap metal products such as municipal scrap, steel punchings, or counterweights, give us a call.

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We Handle all the Details

We speak the language of the mill and the foundry and will work with our suppliers to get the scrap metal materials you buy processed to your exact specifications. Our experienced brokers have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of suppliers and buyers alike, so we make the scrap metal buying process smooth and easy. We also handle scrap metal transportation.

Current Scrap Metal Prices

We sell scrap metal at highly competitive prices. Our knowledgeable brokers understand the market and will work with you to supply you with the scrap metal products you need at fair prices. If you have any questions about how to buy scrap metal, need to know today’s prices, or are looking for a specific product, please let us know how we can help serve your needs. Contact one of our friendly scrap metal brokers today.

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