We Buy, Sell, and Trade Aluminum Scrap

Valley Metal Services makes the process of buying or selling scrap aluminum easy. Demand for scrap aluminum is higher than any other nonferrous metal in the United States. Aluminum is lightweight and strong, yet ductile, and malleable. This metal resists corrosion and will not spark, or combust. Demand is expected to keep growing and we are here to 

serve your aluminum scrap needs.

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Recycling Aluminum Scrap

We buy aluminum scrap from a variety of suppliers and sell it to buyers that recycle it into new aluminum and aluminum products. A list of scrap aluminum sources includes:

  • Cars and car parts (radiators, cylinder heads, engine blocks transmission cases, wheels and rims…etc.)
  • Building demolition (including aluminum siding, storm door and window frames)
  • Used wire and cable
  • Aircraft parts
  • Boats
  • Old aluminum machine parts (water pump housings and pistons…etc.)
  • Lawn chair frames
  • Beverage cans and many other types of obsolete scrap metal materials
  • Aluminum turnings
  • Aluminum manufacturing byproducts

The process to make new, usable aluminum involves mining pure aluminum ore out of the earth and then chemically refining it into pure metal. Fortunately, like other non-ferrous metals, aluminum scrap can be recycled over and over again without breaking down. Recycled aluminum scrap is used as a raw material to make new aluminum.

Buy Scrap Aluminum

We sell scrap metal to a variety of buyers, including aluminum sheet and plate mills and secondary smelters that turn aluminum scrap into new aluminum and aluminum alloy shapes including ingots and sows. Whether you are looking to buy extruded aluminum scrap, cast aluminum, old sheet, turnings, clips or aluminum cans, give us a call.

Scrap Aluminum Prices

Demand for aluminum has been rising around the world, as does the need for scrap aluminum as a raw material for new aluminum production. Scrap aluminum prices vary based on supply, demand, and general market conditions. Our experienced brokers know the market. Whether you are looking to buy or sell scrap aluminum we will work with you to make sure we are offering you a fair price.

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